Charlotte Casiraghi The most beautiful of the Principality of Monaco becomes mother of Raphael. The father is the comedian Gad Elmaleh

Santa Claus arrives at upfront in the Principality of Monaco: Charlotte Casiraghi became for the first time MOM of a boy, Raphael, born at the Princess Grace Hospital. The father is the comedian Gad Elmaleh, 42 years, Sephardi Jew born in Casablanca, hugely popular in France, where the 27 year old daughter of Caroline, Princess of Hanover and Stefano Casiraghi, (died in 1990 in a powerboat accident) has an affair a couple of years.

But for now, no marriage in sight: "we are not engaged," he said in an interview recently Gad silencing rumors of upcoming wedding. The official announcement of the birth arrived this morning by her parents with a press release and had been anticipated last night by Laurent Nouvion, President of the National Council of Monaco. "Charlotte Casiraghi and Gad Elmaleh-is the note released-have the joy to announce the birth of their son, Raphael, born in Munich on December 17, 2013. Grandmothers are doing well. "

The best known, Caroline, had a year full of beautiful emotions: Raphael is her second grandchild after Sacha, the son of the eldest son Andrea Casiraghi had last March with the heiress colombiana Tatiana Santo Domingo (the two were married in August convolati). While Elmaleh already has a son, Noah, 13 years old, had a prior relationship with the actress Anne Brochet. The spark between Charlotte and Gad is shot at a dinner at a friends house in November 2011 (she had just separated by young gallerist Alex Dellal English billionaire). Since then there has been more left: they spent together in Corsica summer vacation on the yacht of the Princess and passed last year in Marrakesh.

There was also a civil and a criminal complaint for invasion of privacy by Charlotte to the weekly Paris Match published photos stolen from one of the first meetings at home. The love story was made official in late March to the dance of the rose, the traditional appointment that opens the social season of the Principality. And according to press reports the reason for haste would be the happy event. "There is a lot of joy and excitement-he said Elmaleh to American People magazine a few weeks after giving birth. I arrived at a moment of my life to start a family is very important. "

According to him, Charlotte has no reason to be apprehensive, "will be the best MOM in the world because it is generous, very loving and has all the qualities to be a mother. And again: "it's brilliant, intelligent, are the happiest man in the world. I'm lucky to have you by my side ". Charlotte, renowned and passionate horsewoman, testimonial of Gucci, does not have the status of Princess: "my mother, not me-had explained to Vogue magazine. I am the grandson of a head of State and for this reason I have some obligation, nothing too challenging and very occasional ".

His son Raphael does not fall today in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne who sees in order, first, to Princess Caroline, not having his brother Prince Albert II of Monaco, still no official heir. The second in line of succession is Andrea Casiraghi, 28 years, first grandson of Prince Albert, and the third is his son Sacha. Follow Pierre Casiraghi (the younger son of Caroline and Stefano Casiraghi), then Charlotte, Princess Alexandra of Hanover (the daughter of Caroline and Prince Ernst August of Hanover), and Princess Stephanie, sister of Albert II.
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